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17 May 2016

If you are one of many people that love playing acoustic guitars, then you should really consider buying a Martin DX1 Acoustic Guitar. Though there happens to be dozens of guitars out there, you may be surprised that not all are as durable as others. The Martin DX1 Acoustic Guitar is super durable and also delivers very amazing music. Not only does this guitar contain such amazing quality of sound, but it also contains many other features.

Martin Guitar company history

The Martin Guitar Company has been creating and retailing guitars for over 100 years and has become one of the main companies to purchase guitars. The Martin Guitar Company is well known for creating and selling quality handmade guitars in their main headquarters Nazareth, Pennsylvania. For over 100 years the Martin Guitar company was well known for retailing and creating the best guitars in the world.

The Martin Guitars Company got so famous that actual rock stars would even play some of their guitars during concerts. Despite the Martins Guitar Company retailing such quality guitars, they still manage to retail very affordable guitars. You may be surprised that you can buy one of their guitars for as low as $200. Due to the many knowledge that the Martin Company was able to gain throughout the years, they were able to handmade quality guitars by still retailing them at a low price. One of their most famous guitars that they currently retail is the Martin DX1 Acoustic Guitar, as it is the most affordable guitar they retail that still manages to deliver great quality.

This specific guitar has a very relaxing sound that is really addicting to listen to. Some have said that this guitar has a couple sound similarities to Taylor Guitars, but Taylor Guitars still cannot beat the DX1, as the quality is amazing. The sound is very pleasant, as it does contain a solid spruce top. The neck of the guitar is a little hard, but not too stiff. So overall, the guitar creates amazing sound and delivers a very clean and amazing sound.

How much is the Martin DX1 Acoustic Guitar?

The price really just depends on where you purchase the guitar, as some stores happen to charge more than others. However, the price commonly ranges from $600-$700, but all still have the same quality of sound. If you want to save money by buying the cheapest one, you could consider buying it online, as almost everything is cheaper online. Though if you would like to actually try the guitar out before purchasing one, then you should really buy it at an actual music store. Although there happens to be many places to buy this guitar, all they have the capability to deliver the same quality. So essentially, even if you happen to buy this guitar at a low price, you will still receive a quality guitar.

Best Price

This guitar happens to have dozens of features and one of my personnel favorite features happens to be the fact that the guitar contains a solid stika spruce. The guitar is also handmade and that is why it has become a legendary guitar. Every Martin Guitar Company is also well known for giving lifetime warranties every time a guitar is sold and so, even if the guitar happens to get a minor damage, you don’t have to worry, as the warranty will take care of everything.

What are the cons of the Martin DX1?

Although this guitar contains many features, there are still a couple of disadvantages. One of the drawbacks is the fact that you won’t be given a case when you buy this guitar. Another disadvantage that this guitar contains is that the sound sometimes sounds a little squeaky and not that clear. However, other than these very minor disadvantages, it is still very worth buying.

So if you want a quality guitar that can deliver great quality, then you should really consider buying the Martin DX1 Acoustic Guitar. Although this guitar has disadvantages, they still don’t outweigh the many advantages and features that it has. So basically, since the guitar is super affordable, it is very worth buying, as it also delivers such clear and amazing sound.


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